Photos from Tromso, Norway

Some photos from a wee trip up to Tromso in Norway in the first week of January 2016. The fjords around Tromso are literally teaming with whales. I had expected to spend hours scanning the horizon for small black dots but in reality if you went out on a boat, stood in one place and turned 360, you could see them in every direction! We were lucky enough to see some bubble-net feeding in action where the humpbacks (which can weight up to 40 tonnes) erupted out of the water gathering mouthfuls of herring as they went. Mind-blowing. If you can, go visit. I’m dying to go back for a stab at the Tromso Skyrace in summer, my back account on the other hand is not.

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    1. Thank you!! You can pick up city maps in the tourist info centre which show the best spots in town for watching the Northern Lights, cheaper than getting a tour and we saw them really bright. Hope it goes well!

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      1. Thanks a lot! I’ve already seen ads for those tours on the internet. Quite expensive indeed, like everything in Norway:)) I’ll do as you say and maybe rent a car or so. Greetings from Berlin:)

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  1. Great photo’s from Tromso, especially of the Northern Lights. Tromso has a midnight sun marathon in June that was very enjoyable with great scenery along the way! Maybe something for you to do if your bank account provides for you to back in summer. 😁
    – Al, Inverness.

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    1. Yes would love to get up for that or the skykine race! Certainly isn’t the cheapest place to visit although flight s from Aberdeen were pretty reasonable (oil connections?), cheers


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