I like telling tall tales and having bored my friends and family with them, I decided to unleash some on the internet for any misfortunate bugger to stumble across and be unimpressed by – I give you craicfromtheroad. Just to be clear, this isn’t a drug review blog, craic is a Scottish/Irish word for enjoyable conversation or banter, for example you might ask a friend “what’s the craic?” and expect to receive some gossip/funny stories in return. Lost you? good. At home in Scotland I spend a lot of time in the hills running, biking, skiing or climbing. I am a real generalist so do and enjoy many things but specialise in few. Beside the rest of my outdoor kit you will find spearfishing equipment, bagpipes and plenty of adventure and travel books.

Me on home turf – a run of the Liathach ridge in Torridon.
Me on home turf – a run of the Liathach ridge in Torridon.

I’m roughly 6 ft tall standing up, and 1.82 m lying down. I had dreadlocks for many years but now have short brownish/ginger hair which is receding (I know this because it is taking me longer and longer to wash my face in the morning…). I’m tall and thin which is good for tasks such as changing lightbulbs but bad for keeping warm in cold conditions and looking macho. Forrest Gump is my idol.

Thanks for stopping by.

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