Sunshine, clouds and meal deals

Scotland has been good to us over the past few weeks. As she begins to shake off her winter cloak we've been treated to a couple of weekends of good snow and hill conditions. The first set of photos below are from a weekend spent on bikes and foot in the Cairngorms. In the preceding days... Continue Reading →

Photos from Tromso, Norway

Some photos from a wee trip up to Tromso in Norway in the first week of January 2016. The fjords around Tromso are literally teaming with whales. I had expected to spend hours scanning the horizon for small black dots but in reality if you went out on a boat, stood in one place and... Continue Reading →

The Strathpuffer 2016

A full moon lit the A9 as I headed north through Stirling, Perthshire and the Cairngorms, illuminating the remnants of last weeks snow and casting an atmospheric glow on shrouds of fog which clung to the mountain sides. Despite the moon and stars adorning a cloudless sky, it was raining. This is a defining feature... Continue Reading →

Tinto Hill Race 2015

Tinto hill is an attractive wee peak located just off the M74 motorway in south Scotland, close to the village of Biggar. Being one of the last races in the Scottish hill running calendar and in close proximity to Edinburgh it usually attracts crowds of hundreds. The registration centres for Scottish hill races are often... Continue Reading →

Portland to San Francisco

A slightly delayed post from my cycle between Portland and San Francisco. I took a series of sneaky back roads out of Portland, cycling along the Nestucca River Road to reach the coast once again. The Oregon coast is beautiful, scattered with campsites which offer $5.00 hiker/biker rates and popular with cyclists so plenty of... Continue Reading →

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