8, 9 or 10 Under the Ben

Ewan, Gregor, Cieran and I had lots of pints, some nachos and venison burgers, then a wee bit of sleep and a full cooked breakfast and did an endurance mountain bike race. 10 Under the Ben. Except we didn't do 10, we stopped a tad early because we'd already ridden the circuit a few times... Continue Reading →

Strathpuffer 2017

The Strathpuffer…….a year on from 24 hours of mud induced leg pain here we stood again, a dithering group of men in their most uncomfortable environment, the supermarket. Staying in group formation we advanced around the isles cramming not so sporty, sports food into our trolley. Things like cheese and sausages. Fortunately emerging from that... Continue Reading →

Me and Ewan are going on an adventure again

We’ve been on a few before you know. It’s hard to define the threshold beyond which something becomes a true adventure. One of the contributing factors for us has been that adventures usually have a higher degree of uncertainty or list of unknowns. Time ‘out and about’ for us has included camping, biking and climbing... Continue Reading →

Sunshine, clouds and meal deals

Scotland has been good to us over the past few weeks. As she begins to shake off her winter cloak we've been treated to a couple of weekends of good snow and hill conditions. The first set of photos below are from a weekend spent on bikes and foot in the Cairngorms. In the preceding days... Continue Reading →

The Strathpuffer 2016

A full moon lit the A9 as I headed north through Stirling, Perthshire and the Cairngorms, illuminating the remnants of last weeks snow and casting an atmospheric glow on shrouds of fog which clung to the mountain sides. Despite the moon and stars adorning a cloudless sky, it was raining. This is a defining feature... Continue Reading →

Portland to San Francisco

A slightly delayed post from my cycle between Portland and San Francisco. I took a series of sneaky back roads out of Portland, cycling along the Nestucca River Road to reach the coast once again. The Oregon coast is beautiful, scattered with campsites which offer $5.00 hiker/biker rates and popular with cyclists so plenty of... Continue Reading →

Biking from Prince George to Vancouver 

Six weeks after leaving Anchorage we've reached Vancouver via Quesnel, Williams Lake, 100 Mile House and Highway 99 which runs south-west through Whistler and Squamish. The province has been experiencing a heat wave over the past few weeks and hence we have been waking up at 5-6 am, pedaling until lunchtime then spending the hottest part of... Continue Reading →

Whitehorse (Yukon) to Prince George (BC)

Today started bitterly for me. Not in the cold, poetic sense but because in the bleary eyed light of dawn I managed to pull Anusol from my toiletries bag instead of toothpaste......fortunately I haven't had to put the demon paste to its proper use, so far. We've arrived in Prince George (BC) after a tough couple of... Continue Reading →

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